A summary of Digital Fabrication is: the process of manufacturing through machinery, whether it be additive or subtractive application​. To accurately produce a design, it must first be modeled through Computer Aided Design. This is a series of chair designs Rebekah created while learning new programs such as Fusion360. This series was used for her Senior Capstone in Spring 2019.  

Full Scale 

These designs draw inspiration from the Conoid chair by  George Nakashima. There are other influences from Japan such as the Shinto Shrines, structurally and visually. Each chair is a step up from the last, giving it constant change in structure and some visual aspects, but overall keeping the same influences. 

3d rendering

In order to make this process successful, constantly designing and making small models was a daily practice. In order to save time and money, the smaller models were made from a 40 watt laser cutter. The strength in each chair was determined based on the smaller structure. 

1/4 scale models